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Caring For Pinstriping

Do not wax, buff or power-wash for 30 days. After 7 days, you may wash gently by hand with a soft cloth and water.

For longest lasting results, as with all painted surfaces, protect from the elements & excessive wear whenever possible.  Indoor artwork needs no special care, dust lightly with a soft cloth if cleaning is necessary.

If properly cared for, your pinstriping, lettering or artwork should last many years. Scratches, dings and accidents do happen, but always contact your artist first to see if they can be touched up before going straight to attempting removal.

How much does it cost?

Like most art forms, the cost of pinstriping depends on many factors.

In order for your pinstriper to give you a well thought out quote, please keep in mind that disclosing important information up front such as size, placement, color choices, as well as the year make and model of the vehicle will get you the most precise quote possible.

Be sure to check portfolios when asking for a quote. Once cured, the paint used in pinstriping is not easy to remove without risking damage to your car’s paint job, so do the footwork necessary to find a pinstriper that will do the best job possible in your price range. Remember that finding and paying a great pinstriper is still cheaper than having your car repainted after hiring the wrong person to do the pinstriping.

Will you paint.....

If It holds still long enough and the paint won’t bleed through it….probably.

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Who Are You?

My name is Lizzie Fenwick, and I’m an artist & pinstriper living in the Kansas City area.

I’m one of those super passionate artsy types, especially when it comes to painting and cars.  I have a 1959 Galaxie and a 1962 Buick, and all summer long I can be found at car shows all over the Midwest.

Most of my artwork is influenced by Kustom Kulture, especially artists like Ed Roth, Doug Dorr, Candy Weil, Von Franco, and a TON of others.  I also love doing tiki art and on occasion I’ll draw an armadillo because I think they’re cute.

My other passions are Web Development (you can see my other site here: Illustration, Logo Design and Graphic Design.
Basically if there’s a way I can be creative with something, I’m all over it.


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